Hypothesis of "Two Quantity Universe"


Hypothesis of construction of matter (even whole entire universe) from two basic physical quantities ’’length’’and ’’time’’





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BLOCK – Index :01 – Briefly what presenting hypothesis to discussion of physics
02 – Short about hypothesis (hypothesis of construction universse for dimensional quantity)
BLOCK – A:Visions and Accounts of the Two-Quantity Universe
a) Accounts of Fundamental of the > Two- Quantity< Universe
b) Collection of Fragments of My Ideas and Visions for the Hypothesis
c) Evolution and the God
BLOCK – B:Articles and Comments on Them
BLOCK – C:Dialogues with Physicists
BLOCK – D:The Figures
BLOCK – E:Michelson-Morley's Experiment
BLOCK – F:Microcosm
a) Construction of the Two-Quantity Formulas of the Elementary Particles
b) Interaction with Introduction of My Substitute Formulas
c) Figures to Chapter Named Microcosm
BLOCK – G: G - Macrocosm
( My new Convention, Gravitation, Relativity and Simple Mathematics in conjunction with pendings Problems)
BLOCK – H:Disparates – Various Pages and Articles
BLOCK – CH:High Disputation of the Small Czech Physicists
BLOCK – I :Mageo, Opinion Non-Dialogue
BLOCK – J:Abstracts of Dialogues, Visions and Opinions During Half-Year
BLOCK – K :Denouncement of Czech Intelligentsia Behaviour
BLOCK – L:Mageo, Opinion Non- Dialogue



7. 1. 2006 is it to the day 25 years what bring forth hypothesis two-quantity universe i. e. construction masses wave-packets dimension of quantity longitude and time )


Original version pages (which attempt life to the record office) my hypotheses with poetic title "Belzebub or before-singular universe" now substitute brief (and perhaps and better version) with title (no less poetic) "Belzebub has daughter".